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Megan Thee Stallion

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Well, that didn’t go as planned. Megan Thee Stallion’s star is on the rise and while she’s demonstrated she’s more than capable of gripping the mic, her physical degree has had men across the board getting hot and bothered.

Well, Trey Songz decided to jump out the window first and recently shot his shot without blatantly shooting it when he took to Twitter to woo the voluptuous Megan Thee Stallion by saying he wanted to “knock the stallion head off for the culture.” Not necessarily subtle but ok. Go big or go home, right? [Editor’s Note: It’s the #MeToo era y’all, do better.]

Well, Megan wasn’t too impressed with the gesture, Thee Stallion tweeted that Trigger simply didn’t have the firepower to light her up.

I think we can all agree that few men in the world can handle a stallion like Megan. She’s a Clash of The Titans breed, b. But Trey of course didn’t give up his pursuit of Megan and responded accordingly.

Trey seems like the type to usually get the girl at the end but Megan seems to be putting up quite the forcefield to protect her from his flirtatious barrage. [Editor’s Note: #MeToo era, but it’s consensual, so it’s all good] How long it will last is anyone’s guess but it sure is entertaining thus far.

But then again, Megan was reportedly spotted dancing to Trey Songz music on IG Live. Trigga’s gun may not have jammed after all.