HHW: You’ve managed to insert your Texan background in your music too , which is a nice touch.

June: That’s why my sh*t be so melodic. I use guitars and all that instrumentation… Growing up on Pimp C, I remember him doing a lot of sh*t like that: guitars and piano and that sh*t. Our sh*t is a lot more melodic than just ‘boom pap.’


HHW: Which other genres would you like to contribute to?

June: I really don’t discriminate when it comes to genres. You know how some people are like, ‘I only listen to this…,’ but I like music so much that I listen to everything. I’m eclectic I don’t really have a set genre when it comes to how I work. I just believe in what I like.


HHW: Think you could do a gospel record?

June: Yeah.


HHW: Really?

June: That’s easy though! How could it not be easy? We black. We born in the church. And I’m from the south. That’s all we be on.


HHW: Describe your best experience since you put the trombone away and started producing.

June: It’s different levels to everything but my first dope experience was the first time I got my song played in the club. It was a local hit and everybody knew it in the club. Then like two years after that, there was the first time I heard my song on local radio and seeing people sing a song that I produced, word for word, that was dope. Years later, it was when I had my first national hit go platinum and that was it. Ever since then it’s just been consistent.


HHW: You’ve said that your relationships with Sada Baby and Rich Homie Quan have led to you doing even more work with them. Why create whole EPs over singles?

June: That’s what I’m into now, I wanna do EPs with like seven or eight songs instead of just singles. Because I have that distribution deal with Empire, it’s nothing for me to get with artists I like and do it like, a 50/50 project with them, a joint deal. When you have that chemistry going on, it’s like, ‘Come on by the studio and let’s make these songs.’ I guarantee that out of seven or eight songs, there’ll be at least one single in that muhf*cker.


HHW: Besides those two joint projects, what else can we expect to see from you in the coming months?

June: I’m working on finishing a Houston EP with all the newest artists out there like Maxo Kream, Megan Thee Stallion — a lot of dope artists from Houston are on the rise so being as how I have a platform right now I want to do a tape with them and drop it in the fall or maybe around Christmas. I got a lot on the way.


HHW: Would you say Houston has love for you?

June: I wasn’t one of those people that blew up and just kinda mentioned that I’m from Houston. Nah. Houston watched me grow up. Through everything. So when I got those platinum records, the whole city was rooting for me. It wasn’t like, ‘Oh, he’s doing his thing but I never heard of him.’ I’ve lived on every side so everybody was rooting for me.  


HHW: What would you like to see happen for your career by the year’s end?

June: I just want more. I can’t really say what’s supposed to happen but we never know how God has our path set. There’s a lot of shit that I want. When I first got signed, people didn’t really look out for me and I had to do a lot of shit for myself. Butnow, slowly but surely, I’m building a team around me that knows what the f*ck they talking about. They can really help me get where I need to get and vice versa. I just want more hits bruh. Because I know more hits will bring more opportunities.

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