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Rapper Nipsey Hussle's Alleged Killer Eric Holder Makes First Court Appearance

Source: Pool / Getty

As the case builds against Eric Holder, the man accused of shooting and killing California rapper Nipsey Hussle, it has come out that he may have had a fight with a neighbor prior to the incident. Two women claim Holder allegedly pistol-whipped a man over a botched drug deal.

TMZ reports:

The L.A. County DA’s Office got the account from 2 women who say a male friend told them he was attacked at his apartment by murder suspect Eric Holder … just an hour before Nipsey’s murder.

According to the statements … Holder lived in the same building as the guy and they sometimes hung out and smoked pot. The guy’s story goes like this — Holder showed up at his place around 2 PM on March 31, and he was pissed. He accused the neighbor of selling him weed that was laced with some other drug.

They went into the hallway to talk, and according to the statements … Holder was “breathing very heavily and appeared very excited and very agitated.” When Holder got more hostile, the neighbor tried to return to his apartment but was allegedly pistol-whipped in the back of the head.

If true, this could help prosecutors looking to throw the book at Holder.

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