Wendy Williams' Hunter Foundation Celebration

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Kevin Hunter is doing his absolute best to become the most hated man in media. This guy is blaming Wendy William for ruining his relationship with his son, instead of the fact that he cheated on his wife and had a baby with his mistress.

Recently, Kevin Hunter Jr. was arrested for putting hands on his old man. Daddy claims he’s trying to fix his relationship with his son, but he says Wendy ruined it.

Reports TMZ:

Sources with direct knowledge of the divorce say Wendy’s estranged husband has been vocal, accusing Wendy of poisoning his relationship with their son, getting in his ear and talking smack about him … at least that’s what he’s been saying.

We’re told Kevin Sr. has made several attempts in recent weeks to spend time with his son to repair the relationship, but he got the cold shoulder. He’s also sent his boy lengthy texts … only to get one-word replies.

Our sources say before Wendy filed for divorce, the Kevins were super tight … so Sr. claims the trigger for the change has to be Wendy. Of course, the marriage fell apart because Kevin apparently had a child out of wedlock with another woman. He says he’s admitted his wrongdoing but feels Wendy’s feelings have been transferred to Jr.

If Kevin Hunter Sr. is wondering where it all went wrong, maybe he should look in the mirror.

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