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Apparently, Lil Xan keeps that thang on him. The struggle rapper, no shots, pulled a gun on a man reportedly who asked him about the out of pocket comments he made about Tupac last year.

Reports TMZ:

TMZ obtained this video of the altercation which went down shortly before 10 PM Friday in a 7/11 parking lot near downtown L.A. The person shooting the video says he asked Xan why he “talked s**t” about Tupac last year in an interview. Ya might remember, Xan caught a ton of flak for calling Pac’s music “boring.”

Things amped way up when the guy called Xan a bitch. Xan flew off the handle and started shouting back at the guy, and dropped the n-word — “What the f**k you want, bruh?? Get the f**k out, n***a!!!”

That’s when Xan started flashing what looks like a semi-automatic handgun … as he walked to his Mercedes-Benz SUV with his GF, Annie Smith. Annie yelled back at the man, “You started it, you dumb f**k.”

As Xan got into the ride, he brandished the weapon one more time.

Lil Xan, who parents are Mexican, took to social media to get ahead of the story. “I was about to be attacked and resorted to having to use self defense, f*ck all you old head ass bitches still talking bout Tupac sh*t live your own life and stop picking on a kid,” he wrote on IG.

Does he have a permit for the gun, though?