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If there is any rapper that is qualified to speak on making wise decisions while running the streets, it’s Meek Mill, for better or for worse. The “Amen” rapper dropped a priceless jewel on the youth and used 69 as the case study.

As spotted on Complex, the Philadelphia MC took to Twitter after it was confirmed that Tekashi got on the stand and started telling on his former gang. He warned the world, specifically kids, to stay true to themselves in order to avoid preventable situations. “69 going up in [a] federal courthouse today kids!” Meek tweeted. “Message of the day don’t be a Internet gangsta…be yourself! #cloutisnottheroute get money.” he wrote.

Naturally many of his peers did not use his 69’s snitch jacket as a teachable moment for the kids. Lil Durk specifically let the world know that he has no respect for the rainbow haired clout chaser. In a now deleted tweet the Chicago rapper said “F*** 69 snitch K”.

You can view some of the snapshots of the court transcripts below.

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