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Amber Guyger mugshot

Source: Splash / Splash News

Former police officer Amber Guyger can now officially add “murderer” to her resume.

After a one week trial, jurors have returned a verdict of guilty after deliberating for less than 24 hours in the heinous crime committed by Guyger, who shot and killed ex-boyfriend Botham Jean in his home after claiming that she mistook the victim’s apartment for her own.

Many were fearing the worst after earlier this week the presiding judge Tammy Kemp permitted the defense to use the “castle doctrine”, which is similar to “stand your ground”, a law that allows you to use up to deadly force to protect your home-a law that many felt wasn’t just to allow due to Guyger being in Jean’s home.

In closing arguments on Monday (Sept. 30), the prosecution appealed to the jury’s sense of “what is reasonable” calling the actions of Guyger that night anything but pointing out that Guyger’s claims of mistaking Jean’s home couldn’t have been true when even the front of their apartments are vastly different as Assistant District Attorney Jason Hermus pointed out while holding up Jean’s bright red doormat.

“You can’t miss this,” Hermus said pointing at the red mat. “Killing this man was unnecessary and it was unreasonable.”

“It sounds so absurd all the things that she missed and all the things that she thought and yeah she thinks it but she is not a reasonable person,” Assistant District Attorney Jason Fine said.

After taking the stand last week, Guyger caused outrage after court video showed her crying but tearless face, stating that she wished “he would have killed her instead,” insinuating that she was the one in danger. Many on social media pointed out that a man in his home resting and eating ice cream was in no way a threat to an ex-girlfriend and trained police officer.

“I hate that I have to live with this every single day of my life and I ask God for forgiveness, and I hate myself every single day,” Guyger said on the stand.

But immediately following the shooting, Guyger sent two text messages to her partner on the force, whom prosecutors said she was intimate with, one at 10:02 p.m. saying, “I need you … hurry,” and another a minute later saying, “I f*cked up,” according to the testimony. Guyger did also call 911 following the texts, but prosecutors point out that the tapes reveal that Guyger was more interested in saving herself versus saving Jean after audio heard her saying more than 10 times that she “thought she was in the wrong house.” Guyger was arrested on a manslaughter charge three days later, before subsequently being fired and charged with murder.

Since convicted, the jury is expected to deliver her sentence later today; Guyger is facing between 5-99 years in prison.