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Fabolous’ girlfriend of nearly a decade stopped through Atlanta this weekend for the premiere of her new reality show “Love And Hip-Hop.”

Emily Bustamente b.k.a. Emily B talked with HipHopWired about her famous relationship, how she got started on the VH1 docuseries and whether she’d return for another season.

At first Emily was apprehensive to speak on Fab’s reaction to the show and stated “No Comment” before adding,

“He’s very private…going in I didn’t know that so much would be talked about him.It’s a reality show so they wanna pick you for drama and they wanted to pick me for everything that was bothering me and they got me. (Laughs)”

She also fired back at critics who accused her of playing the background to her celebrity boyfriend.

“I haven’t really played the background, I’ve been there for him throughout his career. I feel like I helped him…

He’s a trendsetter, he’s one of the most stylish men in Hip-Hop and I feel like I was a a part of that. And I enjoyed being that for him. I took pride in that and I feel like if I had to play the background, to where he’s at then I was fine with that. I didn’t need to be in the spotlight because he’s the star, not me.”

In addition to speaking on Fab, Emily made mention that the mother of Diddy’s son Justin, Misa Hylton, was originally cast to star in the show alongside Olivia and Chrissy Lampkin.

Check out Emily B talking “Love And Hip-Hop” below.

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Emily B At The “Love And Hip-Hop” Premiere In Atlanta

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