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Record labels have no morals or scruples. Case in point, Tekashi 6ix9ine‘s old recording home, 10K Projects, has reportedly offered the loose-lipped rapper a new deal worth up to $10M.

Yes, the same Tekashi who dropped dime on his associates with the hopes of him being able to duck a potential 47-year sentence in order to walk free with time served, if all goes to plan.

According to TMZ, the Brooklyn rapper will get the loot in exchange for two albums; an English and a Spanish language project.

Last week, two of Tekashi’s former Nine Trey Blood associates were found kidnapping and racketeering charges, thanks in part to Tekashi Snitch9ine dropping all the dimes.

The things is, Tekashi isn’t due to be sentenced until December. The judge may not be too keen on him potentially earning major moolah off his illicit behavior. There’s also the fact that him being a federal informant puts a permanent target on his back. God forgive something goes wrong as a consequence of his dry snitching, will the label be held responsible or accountable? Nevertheless, it seems Tekashi is intent on continuing his rap career.

Good luck with that.

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