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Back when Tekashi 6ix9ine was one of the hottest up and coming rappers in the game he sat down for an interview with Fat Joe for Tidal’s Cocoa Vision in which Joey Crack told him “we need you” to stay on these records and out of prison. A year later not only is Tekashi behind bars but he’s went from rapper to singer as he’s been slow jamming up his former associates with all kinds of charges and prison time.

In an interview with Big Boy, the Don Cartegena reflects on Tekashi and realizes “I don’t think he was ever a gangster or ever was in real street life.”

Continuing to explain how a real street dude would try to avoid getting locked up, Joe went on to say, “So me I was in the streets to begin with, and when you in the streets if you have any bit of brains you become paranoid… As I was in the streets and I transformed into music, I knew how they was jamming everybody up, that’s why I went to music to not go to jail for life.”

Joe even revealed that Tekashi “lied to me” after he advised him to stay off that street gang sh*t for the good of his own success. “Off the record he was like ‘I don’t do none of that. This is all a front. This is just for hype.'”

Well, technically, Tekashi told him the truth because he didn’t do any of that gangsta ish, but his crew was another and more realer story.

That being said Tekashi turning states evidence “didn’t surprise” Fat Joe who says, “To me the worst thing you can do in the history of mankind is be a rat. Thee worst.” Unless you’re ratting out Donald Trump, of course. Then you’re just a hero in American history. Word to everything.

Check out the full interview below and peep Joe’s take on Tekashi around the 7:25 mark.

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