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Tom Joyner "One More Time Experience" - Atlanta, GA

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Today marks the end of one of the most popular nationally-syndicated shows on daytime radio in The Tom Joyner Morning Show. Tom Joyner will call an end to a long broadcasting career and in a new interview, the “Fly Jock” shares what’s next as he heads off into the twilight.

Sitting down with CBS This Morning, Joyner, 70, shared part of his journey into becoming one of the top radio DJs of his era. Joyner shared the root of his nickname, which he earned after hosting a morning radio show in Dallas, and an afternoon show in Chicago.

From CBS:

“Our thing has always been to empower people. But to empower, we have to first entertain,” Joyner told CBS News correspondent Jericka Duncan. “If I’ve got you laughing, I’ve got you listening.”

Entertainment and empowerment have paid off. At his peak, Joyner said he was pulling in $14 million a year.

“But it got to a point where they would – ‘All right, we’re gonna cut your salary in half.’ ‘Okay.’ ‘And then in half.’ ‘Okay.’ And then in half two years ago,” Joyner said. “Because my salary was based on my results, and not only was I losing affiliates but radio industry as a whole was losing traction.”

“If you had been offered more money, would you have stayed longer?” Duncan asked.

“Heck yeah. Shoot, I – my goal was to die on the radio. Have my funeral on the radio,” Joyner said with a laugh.

Watch the interview below.

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