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Eddie Murphy made a successful return to Saturday Night Live this weekend, and his opening monologue featured a jab at jailed and disgraced comedian Bill Cosby. A spokesman for the felon went as far as calling Murphy a “Hollywood Slave.”

In case you forgot, Cosby is currently serving three to 10 years in bing after he was found guilty of aggravated indecent assault for drugging and sexually assaulting a woman in his home. The incident occurred in 2004, but the jig wasn’t up until April 2018.

During his SNL monologue, Murphy mentioned that he is a father of 10. “But if you would have told me 30 years ago that I would be this boring, stay-at-home … house dad and Bill Cosby would be in jail, even I would have took that bet,” he said to laughs.

Harkening back to his famed Cosby impression, Murphy added, “Who is America’s Dad now?”

Apparently, Cosby’s rep didn’t find it too funny.

CNN reports that Cosby’s spokesman Andrew Wyatt was critical of Murphy’s cracks, saying his client “broke color barriers in the Entertainment Industry” made the careers of Murphy, Dave Chappelle and Kevin Hart possible.

Wyatt reportedly added, “One would think that Mr. Murphy was given his freedom to leave the plantation, so that he could make his own decisions; but he decided to sell himself back to being a Hollywood Slave.”

The statement all goes on to basically call Murphy a coon and compares him to Stepin Fetchit for perpetuating racial stereotypes.

Cosby’s rep is entitled to his opinion, but have those aforementioned comedians been accused of drugging and assaulting dozens of women, though? Asking for a friend.

Also, slaves don’t get paid by definition.