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Rapper B.O.B. has apparently released a diss record against rap newbies Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

The California rap group’s front man Tyler The Creator previously released a track titled “Yonkers” that seems to call out the ATL emcee and his “Airplanes” collaborator Haley Williams.

“(What you think of Hayley Williams?) F**k her, Wolf Haley robbin’ ‘em/ I’ll crash that f**kin’ airplane that that f*ggot n*gga B.o.B is in…”

Today a new track from Bobby Ray titled “No Future” surfaced with him calling out “beginners” and warning that he’d make sure they had “no future.”

In it he raps,

You see this Shyte I gotta deal with from these beginners?/ I ain’t circusing’ around with these clown A$$ ni*ggas/ You snapping at the heels of a world class sprinter…

Body blow, upper cut, I do more than bruise ya/ Keep Fawkin’ with me, you ain’t gon’ have no future.”

Tyler The Creator has since taken to his Twitter page to say that he doesn’t think the record was a diss and gave B.O.B. props saying,

“I’ve Never Heard Him Spit Like That. Took Me By Surprise, Cus Its Tight.”

Listen to “No Future” below.

Is he dissing the Wolf Gang?


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