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It’s no secret that Swizz Beatz and Timbaland love to compete, so when the two legendary producers hopped on Instagram Live to compare catalogs––it was nothing short of epic.

On Tuesday (Mar 24), Swizz and Timbaland took to their Instagram account to battle it out over who had the most heat in their production arsenal. As more than 20,000 fans tuned in, including Diddy, Missy, and Jay Electronica, the producers took turns playing hits from their massive catalogs, while playfully trading jabs with each other during the friendly competition––including Swizz making sure that Timbaland stayed on track with the rules.

“Come on Tim you can’t keep playing the hits twice,” Swizz said. “You gon’ play the hits and take this a** whoopin’ or what?”

In addition to making sure the rules were followed, Swizz also provided the comedy while trying to throw Timbaland off his game by jokingly calling him out for not washing his hands after using the bathroom (although Timbaland clearly reveals he did).

“Come on man, everything going on Tim you gotta wash your hands,” Swizz said jokingly.

As the two ripped thru their extensive work hit after hit, playing bangers including “Hey Papi”, “Resolution”, and “Touch It”, the friendly competition reminded fans just how iconic the two super producers are.

“We can do this all day,” Timbaland said.

“I’m sorry we keeping ya’ll on here,” Swizz said. “I know it was supposed to be an hour-long thing but here we are at hour four.”

Despite the competition getting fierce, the producers played so many hits that it was tough for fans to determine a clear winner, resulting in the beat battle being declared a tie.

This isn’t the first time that the beat giants have went head to head on Instagram, back in 2017 Swizz and Timbaland battled it out via Instagram posts to declare who indeed was the king of beats.

Although the battle was nothing short of historic, one thing that took fans aback was learning some hidden gems that fans didn’t know the two producers created. One beat that left fans in total shock was learning that Timbaland played a hand in producing the Kanye West monster hit “Stronger”, but Swizz didn’t disappoint either revealing that he was the super-producer behind the Angie Stone hit, “Wish I Didn’t Miss You.”

Despite the entertainment that was provided by the competition, one thing is for sure when Swizz and Timbaland enter the studio any artist they team up with is guaranteed a classic.

Check out a few of their classic hits below.