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It’s happening! Well, it might be happening.

No, not the plot to M. Night Shyamalan’s clunker of a film The Happening where plants release a toxin in the air that made humans kill themselves. We mean that Tekashi 6ix9ine might actually be granted an early release from prison for snitching on half the streets and stacking prisons with new inmates.

According to a new report from Complex, Tekashi might be the only person in the world right now thanking God for the Coronavirus pandemic as it’s given him solid ground to ask for his walking papers as the deadly virus poses the most dangers to people with underlying health conditions, like himself. Though he’s known for screaming into the mic with half-assed bars, Tekashi actually suffers from asthma and with authorities releasing prisoners who are at the most risk of succumbing to COVID-19, Tekashi saw his opening and had his team ask Judge Paul Engelmayer that he be released and assigned to home confinement for the remainder of his sentence.

Will this actually happen though? The government had until 5pm yesterday (April 1) to once again deny Tekashi’s plea for freedom (and his life) but decided that they ultimately did not “oppose the defendant’s motion for compassionate release.” Now that they’ve fallen back, Judge Engelmayer may in fact release Tekashi by the end of the day today.


This must be especially hurtful to R. Kelly who actually tried to use the same excuse to get himself released from his cage, but that isn’t going over so well with the powers that be. But it did work for Tekashi’s old homie, Kooda B, who also suffers from asthma but was allowed out of jail until his sentencing hearing later this summer.

But don’t think you’ll see Tekashi anytime soon as his release will only lead to him serving the remainder of his time in his own home. Even if the judge decides to give him a curfew and allow him to actually roam around for a few hours a day, he’d not only be facing the wrath of the Coronavirus out here, but also that of the streets which can’t wait to catch him slipping.