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West Coast rapper Game has elaborated on his “Red Nation” references to Drake and J. Cole by relating it to the recent flood of new rappers he considers “One-hit Wonders.”

In a recent interview with, Game went more in depth into details of what he meant,

“These days man, Drake and J. Cole are kind of like the newest artists that got praise and are on their way to the top,” Game explained in an interview. “I just feel like everybody these days, with Twitter and with how easy it is to just make yourself a rapper, I’m just saying some of these cats would trade their soul for the limelight. That’s what everybody’s doing.”

Game continued to speak on the view of current Hip-Hop and even if it changes, he will be ready to adjust with it while waiting for the roots of Hip-Hop to return.

It just seems like regular people are just starting to pick up the mic and writing. I come from an era when you could count all the rappers on two hands. These days, it’s a million. So it’s a good thing that hip-hop is providing a way for everybody to kind of make money and be themselves and collaborate in the culture. But in another way, we get dizzy with all these new one-hit wonders and of course the radio is all colorful. It’s crazy man, so maybe one day we’ll get back to what hip-hop’s supposed to be or maybe we won’t. But I know I’ma blend in either way, I’m a chameleon.”


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