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Another Child Mistakenly Served Alcohol In Restaurant

For the third time in as many weeks, reports claim a child was accidentally served alcohol at a chain restaurant.

This week Tyree Davis’ daughter Brooklynn was given an alcoholic drink at a Chili’s restaurant in Chicago, just weeks after similar incidents accorded in an Olive Garden in Lakeland, Florida, and in an Applebee’s restaurant in Detroit, Michigan.

The 4-year-old Brooklynn was rushed to a hospital, after she was given a mudslide vodka cocktail, instead of what was believed to be a chocolate shake.

“How can you make that mistake,” Mrs. David questioned. “I don’t want it to ever happen again … to any child, because I know this just happened last week to someone, and I heard about it, and it’s crazy that it just happened to us yesterday?”

In the hospital Davis’ daughter was diagnosed with an alcohol overdose.

“While we were at the hospital, they said that her chest was tight,” Davis told CBS Chicago. “They called respiratory, they came down and gave her a breathing treatment. Since we’ve been home, she did vomit.”

Although none of the incidents where children were served alcohol are related, and occurred in different restaurant chains, the recurrence of these events within the last month is a safety issue that needs to be addressed in all restaurants.

“I know you’re busy, I know things are going on. I know it’s crowded, and it was crowded. But you served my child an alcoholic beverage. That’s not good,” Mrs. Davis added.

Chili’s has yet to use a statement or contact the Davis family about the incident.

The restaurant was also in the news last month when a New Mexico woman filed a lawsuit after finding a needle in her ribs and mashed potatoes last July.