Even after jumping off his rap career with the release of his debut album, Asleep In the Bread Aisle this year, Asher Roth still embraces the college life.  Linking up with DMC, the two have become a part of Get Schooled which is a new five year PSA that places emphasis on education.

Viacom and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are the engines behind the whole ordeal as children from high school are not receiving the needed backing to be ready to set out into college.  This is evident as the graduation rate dwindles and the dropout rate continues to climb for the youth once they hit the college walls of education.

The festivities begin later tonight as a 30 minute documentary is set to air titled Get Schooled: You Have the Right. The actual campaign will feature the likes of President Barack Obama, LeBron James and others and will be televised through such media outlets as Comedy Central and MTV.

President Obama is set to deliver a back-to-school speech which aims to make the call to the youth to realize the importance of education and how pertinent it is now with the current state of the world.  Of course he has received negativity as some conservatives feel that the speech doesn’t need to be placed on such a pedestal and serves more as a disruption than a service.

Who knew that telling kids to go to school was a bad thing or something that was disruptive?

A panel discussion will also be held today in Los Angeles which will include the U.S. Deputy Secretary of Education, Tony Miller, and will also see Bill Gates, Stephen Colbert and others in attendance as participants.

Increasing interest in education is the overall purpose for the event as it reaches out to the youth by providing relevant information on scholarships, careers and other necessary venues that can lead to the pursuit of higher learning.

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