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Cam'ron X GFive Cultivation X Pynk Mynk

Source: GFive Cultivation / GFIVE

Hip-Hop’s connection to cannabis culture has long been on the rise over the past few years thanks to recreational and medical usage increasing nationwide, leading to new branding opportunities. Taking advantage of the green rush, Cam’ron has partnered with GFive Cultivation for the release of a new cannabis line, Pynk Mynk.

GFive Cultivation and Cam’ron introduced the Pynk Mynk line in Las Vegas, Nev. late last month and is explained as a Sativa-forward hybrid that leans on the sweet, citrusy side with notes of woods and promises to be on the uplifting side as most Sativa strains. As the name suggests, the flower itself is a bright light green with sprinkled by notes of pink thus its name.

Cam'ron X GFive Cultivation X Pynk Mynk

Source: GFive Cultivation / GFIVE

Cam’ron, who brought the color pink into view as the leader of Harlem’s homegrown collective The Diplomats, explained in brief what the new collaboration means to him.

“For most of my career, cannabis has been an enigmatic part, on one end, something that I enjoy and inspires my creativity; and the other, has caused issues with the law,” Cam’ron shared in a statement. “GFive Cultivation understands my vision and passion in cultivating my strain. We produced a top-notch and satisfying product.”

Cam'ron X GFive Cultivation X Pynk Mynk

Source: GFive Cultivation / GFIVE

GFive Cultivation’s founder and CEO Larry Smith also shared a statement regarding the new venture with Killa Cam.

“This new business venture is nothing but amazing for us,” Smith said. “Beyond his music, Cam’ron is entrepreneurial and forward-thinking; and the opportunity to join forces with him to cultivate one of our best lines representing his lifestyle brand is huge for us. Just like Cam’ron, our Pynk Mynk strain will make its impact, globally, and leave its mark among all cannabis enthusiasts.”

This isn’t Cam’ron’s first rodeo, as he’s been involved in the cannabis space over the space few years and has completely immersed himself in the business as evidenced by the Instagram post below.

GFive Cultivation, which is based in recreational-friendly Las Vegas and is Black-owned, has announced collaborations in the past, including the Big Baby Bud line with actor and comedian Darren Brand. So far, the GFive Cultivation lineup is only available in Las Vegas and its surrounding areas.

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