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With news that The Matrix 4 is officially coming to fruition, the franchise’s co-director Lilly Wachowski is opening up about the science behind the film’s theme and reveals it was centered around transformation and actually being transgender.

After coming out as transgender themselves following the release of the classic film, The Wachowski Brothers set off a decades long rumor that the trilogy actually pertained to their own personal transition and now Lilly (formerly known as Andrew) has confirmed that is indeed the case. Touching on the subject for Netflix’s Film Club, Lilly Wachowski confirmed that The Matrix was indeed inspired by the brothers’ own transformation.

“I’m glad that it has gotten out that, you know, that was the original intention,” Wachowski says. “But the world wasn’t quite ready yet –  at a corporate level. The corporate world wasn’t ready for it.”

They sure as heck wasn’t. Now that the cat is out of the bag we wonder how ultra-conservative fans and MAGA supporters will react to the news that one of their favorite films of all-time is centered around a cause they don’t necessarily support?

Though Lilly admits she doesn’t know “how present my transness was in the background of my brain” as they were penning The Matrix, she does say it came from the same “fire” that motivated her to make that personal change.

Check out the virtual Q&A below and let us know your thoughts on this latest revelation on the film’s inspiration and if you’ll be checking out the return of Neo when The Matrix 4 hits theaters in 2022.