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Amber Rose Covers King Magazine

King Magazine has debuted their latest cover featuring Wiz Khalifa’s main squeeze Amber Rose.

For the mag’s cover story, the model opened up to the publication about her relationship with Khalifa and shunned claims that she “downgraded” from Kanye West.

According to the Philadelphia beauty Khalifa is far from a downgrade but people wouldn’t know that unless they dated the G.O.O.D. music head themselves.

KING: What’s the difference between this relationship with Wiz and your last with Kanye?

Amber: The thing of it is…how can I say this without sounding crazy or mean? I’m sorry.

KING: No need to apologize, the floor is yours.

Amber: There’s no comparison in personalities. You know when people say how do you go from Kanye to Wiz Khalifa, that’s a downgrade. But the only question I can ask them is: have you ever dated Kanye? Because I have, and believe me, I did not downgrade at all. Not in any aspect, at all.


Amber also adds that at first she saw Khalifa as a little brother until meeting him in L.A. and noticing a spark.

“So when he left we just talked on the phone constantly and that’s when we realized we were really falling for each other. And I was like when this young boy gets back from Pittsburgh; he is definitely getting some…definitely [laughs]”

Check out Amber Rose’s King Magazine spread and behind the scenes video below.

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