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Ellessia Blaque

Source: screen cap / abc

Yesterday (Sept. 16), ABC News held a Town Hall meeting with Donald Trump in Philadelphia, and it went as bad as you probably expected. But amidst the assortment of lies from the alleged Commander In Chief, it should be noted that a couple of Black voters particularly brought the smoke via their questions for Cheeto.

George Stephanopoulos hosted the event and often provided the countering receipts when Trump just straight up lied.

Let’s start with Assistant Professor Ellesia Blaque, a Black woman, who told Trump of her struggle with preexisting conditions she was born with. You knew it was on when Trump attempted to talk over her but she had none of it, telling him, “Please stop and let me finish my question, sir.” She asked him what he was going to do to make sure people like her stayed insured.

Trump said “we are not going to hurt pre-existing conditions,” which is a lie, because he is trying to repeal Obamacare. Then he mentioned his imaginary healthcare plan.

That’s when Stephanopoulos stepped in with the receipts (there is no healthcare plan to replace Obamacare) that proved Trump was lying.


After that was Pastor Carl Day, a Black man, who basically ask if Cheeto is all about Make America Great Again, when was it so great for Black people? Day even said Trump’s assertions were “tone deaf” to the African-American community. As expected, the President’s answer was all sorts of struggle and deflection.

Polling? As Trump kept talking it only got worse.


And worse.

Vote in November. Please.