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When a diss resonates in the air one thing is certain and that is the fact that Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is back on the scene and there could possibly be an album on the way.

While promoting his book 50 Laws of Power at Howard University, Jackson took some time out to reflect on particular issues with artists in the rap game.  He states that some have amazing punch-lines, but lack the substance to actually create a structure and make a song that is cohesive and flows from verse to verse.

As 50 is never known to be subliminal and for all of those that were wondering, one rapper that seems to fit such a description is none other than Lil Wayne.

“I don’t think they actually have cool enough experiences or haven’t been through enough to utilize their actual experiences.  Didn’t one of yall say Weezy?  He grew up on TV.  He been on since he was 14 years old.  If you think about it, there ain’t no point where those lyrics could be factual.”

Lil Wayne, however, is not the only person that fits this bill.  The game is full of clones and phonies who build fake images so that they will be able to garner some type of street credibility from the fans.  Supposed gangster rappers live off the fans and do whatever they can to cater to what they believe the fan wants from them.  Almost like a Slore or a prostitute, these artists continue to provide these services to pleasure their customer in a way that they will receive payment.  Metaphors might be trippy, but the payment is record sales, just in case someone was lost.

For all of those that are still curious and if there are any that are still anticipating, Jackson has reportedly received a concrete date for his upcoming project, Before I Self Destruct. The new date for the release is now November 17.  A video was released for the track “Flight 187” which is said to be featured on his upcoming mixtape The 50 Laws of Power Mixtape.

Click here as 50 speaks on Weezy.

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