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Jay-Z Named In Ticket-Fixing Scandal

All men are created equal but if your name is Jay-Z or A-Rod then you may be able to get away with speeding when driving in New York City.

According to The New York Daily News, there is a probe going on because celebrities have been getting driving violations swept under the rug.

Apparently it’s not just A-listers like Hov, NBA player Raymond Felton, City Council members and elected officials have had paperwork come up missing, policemen have missed court dates and representatives call Police headquarters to get their clients off.

Two sources familiar with the A-Rod speeding ticket said he was driving on the West Side Highway near West 57th St. in 2009. A highway cop issued the ticket, but an NYPD sergeant later squashed it.

Jay’s driver was nabbed on that same highway but the cop lost the paperwork somehow. Up to 40 cops may be indicted for interfering with the violations. Maybe we’ll see less favoritism when it comes to celebrity traffic stops as if that’s what the city of New York has to worry about the most.