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Fake Jordans & YEEZY's

Source: US Customs & Border Patrol / US Customs & Border Patrol

A true to life sneakerhead would never be caught dead in a pair of fugazi sneakers regardless the circumstances. But for many who don’t mind wearing counterfeit kicks, their wardrobe is about to get a tad bit smaller.

According to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the Feds just made a huge counterfeit merchandise bust which included fake Viagra pills, luxury handbags, and of course, bootleg sneakers. Amongst the sneakers seized by authorities were counterfeit copies of the Dior Air Jordan 1’s, Ben & Jerry Nike SB “Chunky Dunky,” and YEEZY 350’s. All in all they estimate the shipment carried a street value of $32 million if sold at retail prices.

If you’re willing to spend $2,000 on a pair of knock-off Air Jordan 1 Diors, you’re a special kinda ballin’ idiot.

For years feds have been taking down counterfeit websites and shipments and it seems like they’re not going to be letting up anytime soon. Yes, we know no one’s going to actually have you take off your kicks to prove they’re real while you’re chilling on the block with your boys (or maybe they would), but to real ones it’s a matter of principal as much as it is about fashion when it comes to sneakers. So no, we don’t feel bad about this.