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One Dead In Fall From W Hotel window

Two women fell through a W Hotel window in Atlanta, GA early Saturday morning, leaving one woman died, and the other in critical condition.

According to reports, police says the women were “play fighting” around 3:15 and crashed through the window.

30-year-old LaShawna M. Threatt died at the scene. 25-year-old Ciara Williams is in critical condition at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Threatt, a popular model in Atlanta, was at the hotel with friends, celebrating her 30th birthday.

“It appears that there was no malicious act, no foul play, they were just wrestling with each other, they hit the window, the window broke, and they fell out,” Atlanta Police Lt. Paul Guerrucci said.

W Hotel manager Michael O’Donohue released the following statement:

“The incident at the W Atlanta early Saturday is very tragic and our thoughts and prayers are with the woman who was injured and the family and friends of the woman who died in the fall.”

Photos of LaShawna M. Threatt are posted on the following pages, and the full story is detailed in the video posted below.

Our condolences go out to Threatt’s family and friends. Pray for the recovery of Ciara Williams.

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