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Azealia Banks Performs At The Electric Brixton London

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Azealia Banks is back to doing way too much. The struggle rapper is saying she did not cook her dead cat for brunch.

As spotted on Hot New Hip Hop the Harlem native is now backtracking from a video she shared last week. In the cringe worthy clip she is seen digging up her dead cat. She is then seen starting a boil and all signs pointed to her former pussy being on the menu. Naturally the visual went viral quickly and accusations of being a cannibal came soon after. But to hear Slay-Z tell it she is prepping her former pet for a proper send off.

On an Instagram story she rebuked everyone who thought she had fried feline on the mind. “Why do you think i would eat a dead cat, when I can barely eat a dead cow. It’s called taxidermy…. Plenty of hunters with preserved deer heads hanging off their wall. Darlings….. You guys are being racist and this is very un-black lives matter of you all. The cat’s head is soaking in peroxide to fully clean him, then I’m taking him to a jewelry shop to have it gilded” she said.

Banks went on to detail that other cultures and religions do even worse. “Catholics ritualistically consume the body and blood of Christ at mass,” and that “Rabbi’s suck the blood off of a newborns circumcised penis. I really don’t want to hear sh*t about preserving a cat skull.” You can see some of her responses below; if you care.

Photo: Burak Cingi