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Gorilla Glue Girl, Dr. Michael Obeng

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Tessica Brown, widely known across social media as the “Gorilla Glue Girl,” has captivated many with the saga involving her using Gorilla Glue on her scalp. With the help of a Beverly Hills surgeon, Ms. Brown is finally free of her household adhesive bondage as was revealed in a new exclusive report.

TMZ was on hand to witness the removal of the Gorilla Glue from Brown’s scalp at the hands of Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng, a native of Ghana, who waived the $12,500 fee for the procedure.

TMZ  has more:

Tessica was under a light anesthesia during the procedure, you’ve gotta see her reaction as she came out of it, and immediately reached for her hair. She got pretty choked up once she realized she could once again run her fingers through it.

We asked if she’s done with home styling after the Gorilla Glue nightmare, and let’s just say she’s got big plans for this weekend.

As the outlet notes, Dr. Obeng, who holds a degree in chemistry from Midwestern State University, applied a solution of medical-grade adhesive remover, olive oil, aloe vera, and a touch of acetone. The solution helped dissolve the polyurethane in the Gorilla Glue thus making the removal seamless.

Some might know Dr. Obeng’s name from the E! reality series Second Wives Club, which features his former wife, Veronika Obeng. The pair have long since divorced and Ms. Obeng is continuing her appearance on the series according to new reports. Dr. Obeng filed a suit against the E! network to block an airing of an episode featuring him and the couple’s children.

Photo: Getty/Instagram