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Nipsey Hussle

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz83

Even though we lost Nipsey Hussle almost two years ago we are just getting to know how special he truly was. According to his peers he was looking to bring a classic LP back to life.

Dead Prez recently made an appearance on the Juan Ep Is Dead podcast. Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenburg got the duo to discuss their seminal debut Let’s Get Free. As expected the trip down memory lane sparked some great conversation surrounding the criminally slept on effort. Eventually the talk track took an interesting twist when revealed his budding relationship with the West Coast performer.

“I had a conversation with Nipsey Hussle before he passed, maybe a year ago, actually a little bit before that,” Stic said. “He had just solidified his deal with Atlantic Records. I had met him before through a friend Zayd Malik. We got on a jet and had a talk, and he told me about what he had been trying to do up until that point as an independent artist, and how he wanted his situation to be with Atlantic, he had made certain personal goals so he could partner with them.

Stic went on to explain that the “Double Up” rapper had his five year plan already in tact which also included his discography. “He wanted to talk to me about his three album mission, which was to do Victory Lap, another album, and then his third one, which was his last final one he would owe Atlantic, and call it The Spook Who Sat by the Door and he told me he wanted to redo Let’s Get Free and wanted our permission. To hear Stic tell it Nip was looking to go about this ambitious undertaking the correct way. “Right, to sample and redo it for what he called ‘his generation’ with all of the admiration he had for that record. We just had a heart-to-heart, back and forth, but obviously we didn’t get to go there.”

M-1 also shared how Hussle’s untimely death affected him deeply. “It hit me hard man, the day he got shot, I had just landed in Cali for a boxing film I was a part of. As soon as I landed, it was blowing up on the phone. Where Nip was going with it man, is definitely in a lot of ways, tribally speaking, we were in the same space” he said.

You can hear some of the exchange below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls