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Tiger Woods Crash

Source: Los Angeles Times / Getty

Just when it seemed like Tiger Woods had finally expelled the dark clouds out of his life and begun anew, yesterday the legendary golf champion suffered a life-altering setback when he got into a car accident in Los Angeles.

Yesterday (February 23),Tiger Woods was injured in a one-car accident in Los Angeles that caused his car to flip over a few times and required the jaws of life to extract him from the car wreck. Luckily for Tiger and his millions of fans, he only suffered bodily injuries that were not critical, but could prove to be career-threatening as he suffered a compound fracture in his leg that required hours of surgery on his right leg and ankle. Deadline is reporting that Tiger’s car accident led to “comminuted open fractures affecting both the upper and lower portions of the tibia and fibula.”

After the surgery, Tiger was awake and responsive after the surgery was complete and is currently recovering at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.

Chief medical officer and interim CEO at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, Anish Mahajan, explained the injuries that Tiger suffered and the methods used during the surgery to “stabilize” his injuries.

“The tibia and fibula bones were stabilized by inserting a rod into the tibia,” said Mahajan. “Additional injuries to the bones of the foot and ankle were stabilized with a combination of screws and pins. Trauma to the muscle and soft-tissue of the leg required surgical release of the covering of the muscles to relieve pressure due to swelling.”

How this effects Tiger’s illustrious golf career remains to be seen but the outlook is suspect as Tiger has a history of knee injuries and surgeries over the years. Though many thought he was washed up the man did complete a comeback for the ages when he won The Masters in 2019.

Naturally, the outpouring of support and well-wishes was abundant with his peers and celebrities taking to social media to express their love and support. Hopefully it’ll motivate him to defy the odds and make a second comeback.

We hope to see Tiger Woods back on that green sooner or later.