Some people never seem to learn their lesson. It’s like those people that keep running into a door and get mad when it won’t open and don’t realize that it says PULL and not PUSH. As rapper Beanie Sigel has found himself in the hot seat once again, no excuses can be given for such a consistency with dumb moves.

The rapper has now missed a mandatory court appearance that was scheduled on Monday for a drug possession charge. All those that know the court system are aware of what comes next, as the judge has now issued a bench warrant for Sigel’s arrest according to The Philadelphia Inquirer Burlington County municipal court.

The appearance comes from an incident in August where Sigel, along with two other associates, were arrested for possession of marijuana while en route to a concert at Kelly’s Bar.

Sigel has been on a slow decline since his bid in 2004. March 27, 2008 saw the rapper behind bars again for three months for a third probation violation after receiving positive tests for Xanax and Percocet over five times in a month.

September 1 was a return to music for the Philly rapper as he released the mixtape/album, The Broad Street Bully. Sigel had been out of the scene since 2007 when he dropped the album The Solution and with the lackluster response of the last album, hopefully this release will prep up fans to see the rapper back at his true form.

Bench warrants, however, will not do the job. Known as the hard edged component of the Roc back in the day, Sigel has shown that his rap sheet establishes the fact that he is who he says he is. At 35, though, that’s not the thing to do. Earlier on, a person can say that they were young and dumb, but now you have to smarten up especially if you have already been behind prison walls. You’re a big boy now, so let’s do big boy things and stop getting caught up for immature acts. A picture says a thousand word and yes Beanie, we can’t believe you either.

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