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Eyewitness Of Miami Beach Shooting Alleges Police Misconduct

New video footage of the Miami Beach police shooting that left one man dead during Memorial Day weekend last week has surfaced.

According to reports by CNN, eyewitness Narces Benoit saw and filmed the fatal shooting, and claims police tried to detain and prevent him from leaving with the footage.

The CNN report reads:

“When he noticed me recording, one of the officers jumped in the truck, put a pistol to my head,” he said. “My phone was smashed – he stepped on it, handcuffed me.”

“They handled us like we were criminals,” she said. “The officer came over to the driver’s side, on my left, and just put the gun to my head.”

“They took everyone’s phones and smashed them,” she said.

Benoit says the only reason he still has the footage is because it was saved on a tiny memory card, which he removed and hid from the officers, despite being told to hand over his video.

Watch the full CNN video report here:

Narces Benoit’s cellphone video footage is posted on the following page.

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