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Feverish competition escalated the value of victory and the shame of defeat in one of the best DMC Championship tournament in a while. DJ’s from nearly every corner of the globe, with nearly every major nation represented, ripped the stage up in the effort to be crowned the best table jockey in the world.

DJ Rasp and a throng of national champions looked to dethrone reigning champ, Dave “DJ Switch” Taylor, a task that would prove to be impossible as he laid claim to the coveted golden turntable once again.  DJ Nelson of France followed the champion to a runner-up position and brought the acclaim due to a second place finish to his native nation of France.

Rounding out the winners for single competition is DJ Shiftee from of America, who took home a first place finish in the World DJ Championship Final. Japan’s Kireek won this year’s World Team Championship.

Here is a placement list for the DMC Championships:

World DJ Championship 09’

1. DJ Shiftee (USA)

2. Do Coma (Japan)

3. DJ LigOne (France)

4. DJ Impact (New Zealand)

5. DJ NA (Benelux)

6. DJ Mandrayq (Italy)

7. DJ Final (Norway)

Battle For World Supremacy

1. DJ Swicth (UK)

2. DJ Nelson (France)

Team Championship

1. Kireek (Japan)

2. Traumateam (France)

3. Bionic Stylus Crew (UK)

4. Cla Leste (Brazil)

5. Battlestar (USA)