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Prodigy Sides With Lupe On Obama

In an upcoming exclusive interview with, Mobb Deep’s Prodigy reveals that he shares the same sentiment as Lupe Fiasco in regards to Obama being, “the biggest terrorist.”

“I would have to agree with him,” said P. “Most of these politicians and these government officials…most of them are the real terrorists.”

Prodigy says despite his incarceration he kept a close eye on Obama’s politics.

“Yeah, I was definitely checking [Obama] out and seeing what he was doing and what he was about. But I already knew ahead of time – I’ve been studying all that type of stuff since like 15, 16 years old, so… You can’t pull the wool over my eyes. I already know what time it is.”

The Queens rapper said he has a full grasp on the misgivings of politicians and the US government.

“There’s nothing you can say to confuse me about any of that type of stuff. I know it’s all a game that they’re playing. It’s all a facade,” he said.

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