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Today (April 9), Hip-Hop lost another legend and an incredibly spiritual soul way too soon when DMX passed away at the young age of 50-years-old.

Known for his gruff voice, gritty style, and overall “I Don’t Give A F*ck” attitude, Dark Man X moved audiences with his raps, prayers, and on-stage presence. With the release of his debut album It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot, X immediately became a Hip-Hop superstar and maintained his popularity for years to come via numerous guest appearances in which his verses sometimes outshined whoever gave him a bag to hop on the track.

To honor the late-great DMX and his illustrious career, HipHopWired has compiled DMX’s best guest features just to give anyone who isn’t familiar with the Yonkers legend an idea of just how much this loss hurts us OG Hip-Hop Heads.

Thank you for the music and memories, X.


LL Cool J ft. Method Man, Redman, DMX & Canibus – “4, 3, 2, 1”

“Stay out the dark! Cause If I catch you when the sun is down, run it, clown.”

Ma$e ft. The Lox, Black Rob & DMX – “24 Hours To Live”

“I been livin’ with a curse, but it’s all about to end/But Before I go say hello to my little friend!”

Ja Rule ft. Jay-Z & DMX – “It’s Murda”

“As long as I can remember the streets have kept me safe and ever since that time in December the heat’s been on my waist.”

Jay-Z ft. Ja Rule & DMX – “Murdergram”

“I’m a cruddy n*gga, going up raw dog in dirty b*tches/And If I get burnt i’m giving that sh*t to thirty b*tches.”

Cam’ron Ft. DMX – “Pull It”

“What you don’t know will get you f*cked up! And when you don’t roll it’s gonna get you stuck up!”

The Lox ft. Lil Kim & DMX – “Money, Power, Respect”

“Moms at home praying that you coming home but you not! You sittin’ up in a trunk startin’ to rot!”

Ruff Ryders ft. DMX – “Bugout”

“Look out! They done let the crook out. I took out enough of your family to have a fuckin’ cookout!”

Funk Master Flex Freestyle

“I been off the deep end since I was semen/That’s why now I’m such a muthafuckin’ demon.”

Jay-Z ft. DMX – “Money, Cash H*es”

“D-M-X and my dogs bite! Jigga-My-Ni**a rhyme all night!”

Onyx ft. DMX – “Shut Em Down”

“How much is your life worth to someone important? Cause I be extortin’/Kidnap him for ransom is some sh*t you don’t wanna get caught in.”

Aaliyah ft. DMX “Come Back In One Piece”

“Dog tags around my neck, the streets are mine, I might leave the heat behind, ‘Cause in the streets I’m fine…”