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Former (alleged) Black couple goals Saweetie and Quavo continue to swap insults at each other weeks after their split hit the internet. 

The 27-year-old rap star shed light on the infidelity accusations in the Kendra Jae assisted track titled “See Saw,” per MadameNoire.  The song is featured on her seven-track EP titled Pretty Summer Playlist: Season 1, released last Friday

In the first couple of bars, Saweetie calls out the Migos rapper for being a terrible boyfriend and directly claps back at Quavo’s tweet expressing “disappointment” that his former Icy girl spoke publicly about their very private breakup.

Had me going in, up-down like my scraper (Yeah)

Feelin’ dangerous, I thought you was my anchor (Mhm)

But you ain’t s***, and on some real s*** tell me what the problem is (Yeah)

Say he gon’ do better, but it’s always just the opposite

How you fumble with the baddest b****, are you a dumb n****?

You got nerve selling me all these threats when you wrong

That’s a big trigger

The bars continued to cut deeper into Quavo’s alleged cheating, even calling out the Atlanta rapper for narcissistic behavior.  

How you figure, ain’t the woman that you thought

You was humpin’ thots, f****** narcissist you just mad you got caught

“You only f—in’ with me ’cause I’m up now (Uh-huh) 

I ain’t tryna hear that you in love now (Yeah).”

The bold lyrics are a drastic pivot from the reserved tweets Saweetie released last month that revealed her surprising breakup from Quavo after two years of dating.  

In her tweets, the rapper expressed hurt and betrayal from his alleged cheating but looked forward to starting her life as a newly single woman.  

Weeks later, footage conveniently leaked from a physical altercation the pair had in an elevator last summer. The jarring surveillance video showed Saweetie and Quavo in a tug-of-war over a Call of Duty box until the “Tap In” rapper is thrown into the elevator.  The pair falls to the ground while continuing to struggle over the box until the Atlanta rapper takes possession.  

The triggering video shows Quavo looking into the video camera as a devastated Saweetie lays on the ground, unable to move.   

The LAPD currently has an investigation open on the incident. Listen to “See Saw” below.