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Attack The Block - UK Premiere

Source: Samir Hussein / Getty

Looks like John Boyega isn’t quite done taking on aliens from a galaxy far, far away just yet. And no, we’re not talking about another Star Wars film either.

A decade after Boyega splashed on everyone’s radar in Attack The Block, Deadline is reporting that the sci-fi cult classic is finally getting the sequel fans have been clamoring for since 2011. According to the report, Boyega will be reuniting with the film’s original writer, John Cornish, to revisit the story of a group of friends who fend off an alien invasion in their London hood.

The premise sounds silly but those who have seen the movie know it’s all kinds of dopeness.

While Star Wars helped Boyega gain superstardom around the world, heads like us have been checking for him since the British sci-fi comedy dropped back in 2011.

“It’s been a decade since Attack the Block was released and so much has changed since then,” Boyega said. “I’m excited to see this heightened story return to the streets of London. Moses has remained one of my favourite characters to play and bringing him back is a huge honour.”

John Cornish too was excited about returning to the franchise saying, “I’m thrilled we’re officially announcing our return to the world of Attack the Block on the tenth anniversary of the film’s release. I can’t wait to work alongside John again, bringing audiences an even bigger slice of inner-city alien action.”

You have to wonder if the film will have any kind of Star Wars reference given Boyega’s involvement in that franchise. We’re almost sure it will just for comedy’s sake. The movie also featured current Dr. Who star Jodie Whitaker.

No word on when the film will go into production but best believe it has all of our full support.