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With more people and celebrities choosing to live the vegetarian and vegan way of life, Drake is looking to get in on the lifestyle change and is investing big bucks in an up and coming faux-chicken making company, Daring Foods.

According to Bloomberg, the King of The North was amongst many investors who’ve chosen to help finance Daring Food’s plant-based chicken initiative and plunked down $40 million to help them with their efforts. This should come as no surprise as the likes of Jay-Z and Serena Williams have also invested in vegan and vegetarian products and with Drake himself being a vegetarian, it’s only right he’d get in on the action.

Drake’s investment will be helping Daring Foods expand their distrubution to more than 4,500 new retailers in the coming year which will help them go toe-to-toe with other popular faux-meat brands such as Beyond Meat, Sweet Earth, and Gardein amongst others.

With the popularity of faux-meat (especially faux-chicken) gaining steam with every passing year, you can bet that Drizzy’s stake in the company is about to get a nice return on his investment. Lets just hope the chicken tastes as good as can be because some brands do be having some suspect flavored chicken. Just sayin.’