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Joe Budden Reportedly Dating Yaris Sanchez

Joe Budden made headlines in May after releasing “Ordinary Love Pt. 3 [Closure]” airing out the dirty laundry about his relationship with video model Esther Baxter.

Since then the two have gone back and forth with accusations of domestic violence, pictures of a reported miscarriage and claims that the model was unfaithful while pregnant with Budden’s child.

Now with the controversy between the two dying down, Budden’s been spotted with a new chick—model Yaris Sanchez.

As previously reported, Sanchez was in the running for KING Magazine’s ‘Web Girl Of The Year’ award but lost out to video model Sheneka Adams.

Yet and so, the beauty was featured in an issue of the publication’s ‘Women Of King.’

So did Joe upgrade from this previous buxom beauty?

Check out more of Yaris Sanchez and Esther Baxter below.

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