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Obama: “Gay Couples Deserve The Same Legal Rights”

While speaking at a recent Manhattan fundraiser President Barack Obama all but verbally co-signed the idea of legalizing gay-marriage, asking people in the gay and lesbian community for patience as lawmakers work out the issue through the democratic process.

“I believe that gay couples deserve the same legal rights as every other couple in this country,” the president said.


New York lawmakers are in the process of debating whether to make a legislation that would legalize gay marriage, making New York the sixth and largest state to do so.

In his speech Obama noted that his feeling on same sex marriage were “evolving” but that he still supports civil unions as opposed to same sex marriages.

He assured New Yorkers to remain steadfast through the process and said he is confident that there will come a day, “when every single American, gay or straight or lesbian or bisexual or transgender, is free to live and love as they see fit.”

The Senate ended its Thursday session without voting on the “same sex marriage” bill and plan to take it up again Friday (June 24).

“Yes, we have more work to do,” Obama said. “Yes, we have more progress to make.

Whether or not Obama will support gay marriage in the upcoming election is unclear.