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Donald Trump is still desperate to be in the spotlight and show off how much Black people love him. This time, it comes in the form of declaring that his longtime friend Herschel Walker will run for the Senate in Georgia.

In a conversation on the conservative Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show, Trump said that the retired football player was going to challenge current Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock for the seat in 2022. “He told me he’s going to, and I think he will. I had dinner with him a week ago. He’s a great guy. He’s a patriot. And he’s a very loyal person, he’s a very strong person. They love him in Georgia, I’ll tell you,” Trump said.

There is one catch – there’s still questions concerning Walker’s residency, as he has lived in the state of Texas for quite some time. Despite a cryptic video he sent out via social media hinting that he’s become a resident of Georgia, a statement issued by Walker late on Tuesday expresses that he was “looking at the race closely” and that he was going to make a final decision soon.

“Georgia is my home — I love Georgia, and I love this country,” Walker said in the statement. “And I believe we need fighters to step forward and help save both. Know this much: If I run, I’ll be all-in, and we will do whatever it takes to win for Georgia.”

Trump’s declaration has thrown the GOP race in Georgia into a blender, as those in the party note that Walker hasn’t done much to reach out to conservatives in the state. There’s also the fact that a Trump-backed candidate isn’t a surefire win, evidenced by Kelly Loeffler getting trounced by Reverend  Warnock in January after getting Trump’s endorsement.