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Jalen Rose was one of the best college and professional basketball players to emerge from Detroit, and he continued that same professionalism as an NBA analyst and broadcaster. Rose, who is the host of the Renaissance Man podcast, invited the prolific and entertaining E-40 to the show where the pair talked about music, 40 Water’s many business ventures, VERZUZ, and much more.

Rose’s Renaissance Man podcast, presented by the New York Post, also has a column component where Rose expands on the topic and subject at hand. The episode itself showcased Rose’s deep knowledge of Hip-Hop and voiced his appreciation for this “player potnah” in the rapper born Earl Stevens.

The Vallejo, Calif. star is comfortably in his early 50s but has shown little signs of slowing down. This latest episode between Rose and 40 opened with a chat regarding the VERZUZ battle with Too Short, which many hailed as a classic celebration of two West Coast legends.

As evidenced in the episode, 40 only agreed to do the friendly competition if it could be framed as a celebration of their careers as the two are close friends away from music. Some might remember that Too Short was all smiles and in good spirits, but he definitely came to take his good friend out musically.

From the New York Post:

“When [‘Verzuz’ co-creator] Swizz [Beats] called me, I was like, ‘Can we do it another way?’” he told me. “Let’s make it a celebration, you know? Let’s just get on there, because when we actually get together and we in the studios and everything, we really kick it. We like to drink. And we like to think. And we like to make music. Music is our passion.

“So that’s what we did. We just went up there and just kind of tried to let people know our history and kind of schooled those who didn’t know. Just have a good time. And, you know, I was just feeling it. It was groovy, like a drive-in movie.”

The chat also focused on E-40’s array of wines under this Earl Stevens Selections brand, including the company’s offerings, cooking, and much more. Check out the full episode below.

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