Ashanti appeared to respond to Irv Gotti's "Drink Champs" interview via lyrics in Diddy's "Gotta Move On" remix. And it looks like it's really time for Irv to move on.

Booooy, it appears that Irv Gotti‘s feelings toward Ashanti go way deeper than his issue with her re-recording her albums. In fact, Gotti revealed that back when the “Foolish” singer was “Happy” and in a relationship with rapper Nelly, he was silently holding a flame for her.


Reflecting on a 20-year career in an interview, recording artist Ashanti revealed how a decision by Brandy led her to appear on the “Always On Time” track with Ja Rule that made her a star.

R&B songstress and unofficial Ja Rule/Fat Joe Verzus MVP Ashanti has regained ownership of her masters and is now planning to re-record her 2002 self-titled debut album—a thing many music lovers had no idea artists did before now. (It’s me. I had no idea.)

While chatting things up with Fat Joe, Ja Rule, and Remy Ma for a post-Verzuz recap, Ashanti revealed that she has no interest in reconciling with her ex of 11-years due to being in a relationship.

On Thursday (Jan 21), the heavily fan-requested battle kicked off after being postponed twice, with the two chart-topping heavy hitters appearing in the original Verzuz format due to Covid-19 concerns. At the start of the show, there were a few delays which resulted in the battle beginning more than an hour behind schedule with Ashanti doing her best to kick off the show while fans awaited the arrival of Keyshia Cole.

According to published reports, after fans made the request to see the”Love” singer go head to head with the princess of Murder Inc. back in July, the match up may actually be happening after Ashanti decided to accept the challenge and give fans the showdown they’ve been waiting for.


In her heyday Ashanti was one of the music game’s top R&B singers whose songs and features were in constant rotation and videos were all over countdowns. Now the former first lady of Murder Inc. can barely fill a city bus to one of her shows, allegedly.

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There was a time when Ashanti was the hottest singer in the game not named Beyoncé or Mary J Blige. These days the first lady of Murder Inc. finds herself touring with her old label mate Ja Rule, dropping new music and doing her acting thing.

It seems like every time we look up, Ashanti is posing in a bikini. (Not that we’re complaining or anything.)

R&B singer Ashanti has a stalker situation going on, and the man at the center of disrupting her private life has once again scored a mild legal victory in his favor. Devar Hurd, who tweeted photos of his manhood to the singer’s mother, managed to convince the judge to declare a mistrial, but he was still slapped […]