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Orlando Brown blessed Bow Wow with the ultimate compliment, and Twitter thought it was hilarious.

Diddy continues his world tour of bachelorhood and his newest love interest is Joie Chavis. Thankfully Bow Wow is not upset with the mogul dating his child’s mother.

Bow Wow is looking to make the jump from the recording booth to the wrestling ring.

Bow Wow is correct in stating he is not totally to blame for this. He is part of the problem.

In an exclusive audio recording given to It's On Site, Kiyomi claims Bow Wow hit her in the stomach while she was pregnant. In the audio, you can also hear Bow Wow’s alleged voice telling Kiyomi she’ll have to “fight” him to leave the room.

Even though her private life might be in shambles the Queen of Media misses nothing. Wendy Williams recently put Bow Wow on notice for being a habitual line stepper.

Bow Wow and Kiyomi Leslie continue to make headlines after the public caught wind of a physical altercation between the two earlier this month. Leslie’s 911 call emerged this week and now more photos of Bow Wow’s injuries have surfaced, courtesy of TMZ.