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Jade Cargill Clowns Bow Wow On Twitter After Failed Shot Attempt

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Shad Moss, aka Bow Wow, has expressed interest in becoming a professional wrestler. He’s already starting beef with one of sport’s entertainment’s biggest and, might we add, finest stars, Jade Cargill.

Current AEW TBS Champion Jade Cargill delivered her signature bicycle thrust kick to the face of the pint-sized rapper after he tried to seemingly shoot his shot at her.

Wannabe wrestler Bow Wow offered to take Cargill, who is happily married, on a date writing in a tweet directly mentioning the professional wrestler, “After my first win i just wanna take you out somewhere.”

In response, Cargill hit him with a digital version of her finishing move, the “Jaded” responding in a follow-up tweet, “You can’t afford me Bow. Thanks but no thanks.”

In another tweet, Cargill pointed out that she was joking when, writing, “@smoss I’m just kidding. It was a jokey joke,” but, of course, Bow Wow had to keep things going.

In typical Napoleon complex fashion, Bow Wow didn’t know when to jump off the “trash-talking” train, tweeting in response, “I def knew you was kidding when you brought up money.”

As expected, Cargill clapped back at the rapper/actor whose ego was bruised after her tweet pointing out she’s been rich and money is not an issue.

Bow Wow then loudly and wrongly boasted about getting money before Cargill could speak, pointing to the fact she is a “90s baby.”

Cargill responded that her man, Brandon Phillips, who is a professional baseball player (that’s guaranteed contract money, by the way) bank account, makes Moss’ funds “look like Lil Bow Wow.”

In another tweet, she points out that she bought his tape when she was “like 7,” like everyone else did at the time.

Is This Calculated?  Or Did Jade Cargill Body Bow Wow For Fun?

Bow Wow’s Twitter back-and-forth came on the heels of another AEW wrestler Swerve Strickland calling the rapper out and telling him to meet him in the ring.

Per 411Mania:

Swerve Strickland wants to see how Bow Wow’s wrestling training is going, calling for the rapper to face him in an AEW ring. Strickland appeared on the latest episode of Hey! (EW) with RJ City and said that he wants to see Bow Wow step into the ring with him.

“You know, since he’s been talking about doing some stuff on social media for like the last year, but I have yet to see any video footage or training, I want Bow Wow. Yeah, I want to see Shad Moss get in the ring… since he’s been talking about that so much on social media.”

He continued, “I’m calling you out. I know you got connections with training with Rikishi. That’s cool, get your training in. I want you in AEW. You responded to me on Twitter too, I need you to back up those words, homie.”

According to the website, Bow Wow has accepted the challenge, so we could see Moss in the wrestling ring soon.

You can peep more reactions to Jade Cargill clowning Bow Wow on Twitter in the gallery below.

Photo: Michael Kovac / Getty

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