busta rhymes

Busta Rhymes was trying to get his work out on last night. But things went left when he allegedly threw a protein drink at a worker and got arrested at an NYC gym. 

Anytime a star artist wants to make a big splash for their music video, they can use a popular movie’s treatment to generate a buzz.

Celebrity kids following in their parents footsteps have to leap over mountains to gain acceptance after getting that e-z pass to kick down the front door.

With anticipation for F.I.L.A. (Fly International Luxurious Art at peak levels, the legendary Raekwon returns, bearing a knocking track called “Wall To Wall,” featuring French Montana and Busta Rhymes.

It would have taken quite a captivating visual for the ruckus M.O.P. and Busta Rhymes kicked up on their new collabo, “Broad Daylight (187 Pt. 2)” to be conveyed in motion picture form.

It has been a cool 14 years since Busta Rhymes hopped on M.O.P.’s “Ante Up (Remix)” to make it the unofficial original version. Today (Oct. 24), the chemistry has proven to remain intact on the trio’s new record, “Broad Daylight (187 Pt. 2).” Possessing the same ferocity that has made them underground rap favorites for […]

One way to know when a track is truly hot is for other rappers to incessantly remix it. Using that rubric, Brooklyn’s Bobby Shmurda arrived with force via his viral smash “Hot Ni**a,” which finally received an official remix today.

    Everybody is known to make a lifelong friend or two along the way and it generally happens in high school. Same goes for a snot-nosed, pubescent fresh-faced rapper. As they struggle to pay attention in geometry and Shakespearean literature classes, their aspirations to becoming a celebrated MC increases. Big Sean relayed to us […]

Everyone and their mothers have taken a stab at remaking Bobby Shmurda’s now-famous and tuneful “Hot Ni**a” song. It was only a matter of time before the Internet sensation himself got around to a proper remix.

Busta Rhymes looked very funny in the light after the “Swagger Wagon” commercial released. But rather than respond with a cheesy statement, he and his Conglomerate cronies redirect attention back to the music on their Catastrophic 2 mixtape.

Busta Rhymes, legendary MC and Hip-Hop vet, made waves throughout the Internets for all the wrong reasons after he appeared on Toyota’s new “Swagger Wagon” commercial.

Busta Rhymes, say it isn’t so. The accomplished, legendary MC created ripples throughout the Internets for all the wrong reasons after Toyota premiered their new “Swagger Wagon” ad.