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Even though we lost Nipsey Hussle almost two years ago we are just getting to know how special he truly was. According to his peers he was looking to bring a classic LP back to life.

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Fans can always count on dead prez to provide a refreshing helping of substance in the midst of an influx of superficial Hip-Hop found on popular radio. Earlier today, Complex premiered a new set of visuals by the duo for “No Way As The Way,” directed by Danny Hastings, that sticks to their brand of thought provoking music.

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After dropping footage of the recording process almost a month ago, Yasiin Bey, dead prez and Mike Flo finally drop their video for “Made You Die.” This powerful song and video is a tribute to Trayvon Martin, whose murderer, George Zimmerman, continues to make a mockery of this country’s justice system. Nas’ “Made You Look” instrumental […]

Dead Prez – “Dead Man’s Shoes” [Audio] “Wake up, you’re walking in a dead man’s shoes.” New music from Dead Prez. Listen to it right here.

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