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The rabbit hole is still rabbit hole-ing for Sesame Street-based theme park Sesame Place as it has once again been accused of racial discrimination against Black children. But this time a Sesame Splacelocation in Baltimore is in the hot seat—and this time a lawsuit has been filed.

On Wednesday, Democratic Congressmen Hank Johnson and Jamaal Bowman introduced the Restoring Artistic Protection Act to the House of Representatives for review. The proposed bill seeks to prohibit the usage of an artist's lyrics against them in civil and criminal cases. It comes as a number of these cases have been brought against Hip-Hop artists in recent years.

The Jackie Robinson Museum was officially opened to the public on Tuesday with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The ceremony was attended by Rachel Robinson, along with her children David and Sharon along with other notable figures including filmmaker Spike Lee and former MLB pitcher C.C. Sabathia.

We’ve all heard of the Central Park Five. Many of us know the names Kevin Richardson, Antron McCray, Raymond Santana, Korey Wise and Yusef Salaam—the five men who were boys when they were wrongly convicted of raping a white woman who was jogging in Central Park in 1989 and then exonerated after they spent between […]

An unpublished memoir from Carolyn Bryant Donham, the woman who falsely accused 14-year-old Emmett Till in 1955, has surfaced. The discovery coincided with the discovery of an unserved warrant for kidnapping, naming Donham in it along with her late husband and brother-in-law.

Today (June 30) at noon, Ketanji Brown Jackson became the first Black woman to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court.


Prosecutors in Kent County, Michigan have charged Grand Rapids Police Officer Christopher Schurr with second-degree murder for his role in the shooting death of Congolese immigrant Patrick Lyoya during a traffic stop in April.

It's been two years since the death of George Floyd due to police brutality by now-incarcerated Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin, but it appears that the crisis of Black people dying due to shootings by law enforcement hasn't slowed down at all.

The New York State Senate voted to approve a bill that would limit prosecutors' usage of rap lyrics in criminal trials as evidence. The bill would require them to only use the lyrics if they are deemed “literal, rather than figurative or fictional”.

By all indications, there’s a white mother in Charlottesville, Virginia, who is using her biracial son’s newfound appreciation for his Blackness as an excuse to be racist AF and express her long-held belief that Black people invoke racism to evade accountability, not because we actually experience racism all the damn time. Or at least that’s […]

Desiree Bullock, the mother of Dyree Williams, claims that the East Bernard Independent School District has denied her son enrollment in school because of his hairstyle. “It’s not right. My child should be able to keep his locks in his hair,” she said to a local news network covering the story.

When Will Smith slapped Chris Rock over a tasteless but relatively soft joke at the expense of Jada Pinkett-Smith, a lot of Black folks were suddenly on team “violence is never the answer. Well, I’d wager most of those Black people would feel differently about a Black student in Georgia who slapped a white student […]