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There’s a reason so many Black people hate America: Even when we get justice we know how quickly it can turn to justice-lite at best and injustice at worst (and as usual).

An explosive lawsuit contends that the police department of Warren, Michigan deliberately targeted seven Black male students in 2020, charging them with hazing in order to protect an elite white athlete which the suit alleges was "the main one" attacking younger athletes at that time.

The legendary Stevie Wonder sent out a video in the late hours of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day calling on lawmakers to step up and do the hard work to advance voting rights and democracy by getting rid of the filibuster, stopping short of cussing them out.

Welp, the fallout from the January 6, 2021, Caucasi-D-Day capitol riot in Washington D.C. is still spilling out into the courtrooms, and for the first time, a group of suspects is actually being charged with sedition.

The case of one man who was seeking release from Rikers Island due to what he alleged was increasingly violent and inhumane conditions is at the center of a New York Times article, supported by surveillance footage that showed inmates being forced to fight each other, and a gang leader holding court over a housing unit without any prevention from correctional staff.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: We really need to talk about white America and Republican thug culture.

Convicted murderer Derek Chauvin saved himself another trial and possibly more years to his prison sentence by pleading guilty to two federal charges related to violating George Floyd’s civil rights.

The living descendants of Marcus Garvey are supportive of a new push to get President Joe Biden to issue a pardon clearing his name. Plans include a petition to be signed by Black people across the globe, with the height of the campaign taking place during Black History Month 2022.

If the privileged, entitled and often dangerous white women we not-so-affectionately call “Karens” have nothing else, they have the nerve.

A new bill proposed by Democratic lawmakers in the New York State Senate would limit prosecutors from using rap lyrics in criminal trials against defendants. The legislation would prohibit their use unless there's a demonstrated value to using them in a literal and relative sense, and cites the 2019 case of Tekashi6ix9ine as an example.

If the wave of protests against systemic racism in policing that took place during the summer of 2020 taught us anything it’s that cops really hate when we protest against them. But one thing they love, apparently, is explicitly demonstrating the exact reasons they get protested against.

The 80-year old civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson had met with university administrators and was addressing student protestors when he suffered a fall and a cut to his head. At the prompting of his team and activist members, he was then rushed to Howard University Hospital.