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“Burn Hollywood burn I smell a riot” Those are the lyrics that opened Public Enemy’s “Burn Hollywood Burn,, the first song that Ice Cube appeared on after he left NWA in 1990. Now as Minneapolis burns with protests following the tragic murder of George Floyd celebrities such as Lebron James, Beyonce, Barack Obama, John Boyega […]

After a second straight night of "riots," the so-called President of the United States, Donald Trump, has chimed in on the matter.

A white man in Minnesota woke up feeling dumb after losing his office space for not minding his business. On Wednesday (May 28), the owners of Top Figure, a Black-owned Minneapolis-based social media and branding agency, were exercising in the gym of their co-opted professional building when they were approached by Tom Austin, the managing partner of F2 Group, who threatened to call the police on the group because he didn't feel "they belonged." The exchange, which was caught on video and posted by Top Figure to Instagram, shows Austin questioning the three men about their office location before pulling out his phone to call the police. in the caption, the men explain in further detail why the questioning was asinine pointing out that the office space requires key cards to enter any space in the building that can only be obtained by being a tenant in the building.

The murder of George Floyd has sparked outrage across the country after yet another Black man was murdered on camera by police.  On Monday (May 25), after the horrific video of an unarmed Geroge Floyd being murdered by four Minnesota police officers went viral, many Black notable figures and celebrities took to social media to speak out.  According to published reports, the now-viral video was captured as officers attempted to arrest Floyd on suspicion of forgery. Passersby filmed the incident, showing an officer kneeling on the back of Floyd’s neck. The 46-year-old was face down on the pavement repeatedly screaming, “Please, I can’t breathe!” The officer ignored Floyd’s pleas and those of onlookers, until Floyd goes quiet, appearing to lose consciousness before being taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

An Oklahoma Black man who was doing his job was detained for more than half an hour by white men who demanded to know why he was in their neighborhood.

A Kentucky community is left looking for answers two months after police shoot and kill a Black woman in her home.

An Alabama police officer is under fire after body-slamming a woman in a local Wal-Mart for refusing to wear a mask.

Even amid a pandemic, Black Americans aren’t safe in their own communities, after a police shooting leaves an Indiana community looking for answers.